Our Leadership Team

Jim Kay – Managing Director

As the founder of All Trades Group in 2013, Jim assumes the helm with a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional results that consistently surpass client expectations. With a proven track record in all facets of construction, contract management, and industry knowledge, particularly in local and state government projects and commercial works, Jim brings invaluable expertise to the table. His distinctive management and visionary approach and adept communication of project and company objectives empower his team to excel, making him an ideal fit for his role as Managing Director. Jim’s leadership ensures that All Trades Group continues to thrive, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

Fiona Kay – CEO

Fiona assumes a multifaceted role within the organisation, tasked with implementing established plans and policies, enhancing the company's financial resilience, and facilitating ongoing digital business transformation initiatives while charting the course for future strategies. In her capacity, she provides oversight across a spectrum of functions, including operations, finance, marketing, sales, human resources, legal, compliance, and technology. Striking a delicate balance between the diverse needs of employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders, Fiona plays a pivotal role in steering the company towards sustainable growth and continued success. Her comprehensive oversight ensures cohesion and alignment across various departments, driving collective efforts towards achieving overarching organisational objectives.

Rob Ristovski – Operations Manager

Rob serves as the esteemed leader of our delivery teams, igniting inspiration among our project and site managers to uphold unwavering standards of excellence in every facet of our projects. With a steadfast commitment to delivering on time, within budget, and with the highest levels of quality and safety, Rob ensures certainty at every turn. Moreover, he cultivates meaningful connections with our customers and suppliers, fostering genuine partnerships that underpin our collaborative approach. With his indomitable work ethic and commanding presence, he instills absolute assurance among both our customers and team members, driving forward our shared vision with unparalleled dedication and resolve.