All Trades Group is a Building Trades and Maintenance services provider, delivering diverse capabilities across all building trades. The company is based on a one-stop shop model where clients have all their project and maintenance requirements delivered through a single point of contact. We provide a total facility management solution to the education, commercial and industrial sectors. Trades and maintenance services are customised according to individual clients’ needs, with all services provided within the one integrated management system certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001.

a. This policy confirms management’s commitment to ensuring the health and safety of its employees, contractors and visitors to its workplace. The company recognises the nature of our work is such that its activities are carried out on work sites that are not controlled by the company;
b. This policy provides a framework where the company can work together with other PCBUs, workers and others affected by our work activities to identify hazards and reduce or eliminate risks. ensure the work environment is as safe as reasonably practicable and that our work activities are carried out in the safest manner possible;

The objectives of this policy are to ensure that the company and all its staff members understand the company’s commitment and responsibilities under the appropriate Federal and State WHS legislation and Codes of Practice while:
a. Providing services in a professional and safety conscious manner to its Clients while maintaining a safe work environment at all of its places of work e.g. office, factory and field plus Company Vehicles;
b. Identifying what activities the Company carries out that affects or may affect the health and safety of its staff, subcontractors, Clients and the public and mitigating the risks as far as reasonably practicable;
c. Ensure workers have adequate safety training and knowledge to collaborate with suppliers, subcontractors, clients and building managers (PCBUs) to encourage the reduction of the hazards and risks associated with the company’s activities and to improve workplace health and safety for all;
d. Identify high risk works and ensure only workers that have adequate training, safety controls and, where required, licences carry out those works;
e. Where required, provide a health surveillance program for workers are under risk of adverse health effects as a result of their regular duties;
f. Provide an effective system of work and safe working conditions and practices for all staff

All Trades Group is committed to continually improving its WHS performance by:
a. Ensure this Policy is documented, implemented, maintained, and communicated to all employees and relevant suppliers and contractors, and is publicly available;
b. establishing measurable WHS objectives and targets, measure and review performance against these targets,
c. achieving and pursuing the best WHS practice by improving every aspect of health and safety with the involvement of all staff and subcontractors through consultation to reduce or eliminate any risks and hazards in the workplace
d. provide sufficient resources to comply with legislation and standards as detailed in company legal register.
e. Allocate roles and responsibilities, provide guidance and set clear procedures to attain Company’s goals;

a) Senior Management
Management recognises their primary duty of care to workers we engage (employees) or cause to be engaged (subcontractors) and as such we will meet our obligations as far as reasonably practicable by committing to:
i. Consult with our workers & PCBUs to identify any potential hazards to ensure a safe system of work;
ii. Put systems in place for the safe use and maintenance of plant, machinery and substances;
iii. Provide suitable information, instruction and supervision, especially to new workers;
iv. Ensure there are adequate workplace facilities such as toilets, washing and eating facilities and first aid etc;
v. Ensure there is an effective system for monitoring the health of workers and workplace conditions;
vi. Record any workplace incidents in a register of injuries and respond to hazards quickly;
vii. Prepare emergency plans;
viii. Manage the risk for any remote and isolated work;
ix. Have a return to work program to help injured workers with their recovery and return to work.
x. The officers of All Trades Group will exercise Due Diligence (as detailed in the WHS Act) and actively monitor and evaluate health & safety management within the company.
b) Workers
i. Take reasonable care for your own health and safety while at work and ensure your acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other works in your workplace;
ii. Exercise duty of care in relation to what is reasonably expected, taking into account the degree of control you have over work activities and work environment;
iii. Comply with any reasonable instruction given by the PCBU, i.e. your employer or their delegated representative, i.e. supervisor or by the client, building manager or their delegated representative;
iv. To be proactive and become involved in activities and programs designed to improve health & safety;
v. Cease or refuse to carry out work if there is a reasonable concern that the task would expose you to a serious risk to health & safety;
vi. Comply with any policies or procedures that have been put in place for your health and safety;
vii. Notify your manager of any injuries or illness that occur at your workplace; and
viii. Be proactive in recognising and reporting potential hazards in the workplace.

All Trades Group has adopted an Open Door Policy to consultation whereby:
i. Employees can openly discuss issues and concerns directly with their supervisors or managers or in an open forum such as toolbox talks and training sessions without fear of reprisal;
ii. Management will consult with employees and, where applicable, subcontractors and PCBUs;
iii. Results of the consultation process is communicated to all stakeholders.
All workers are actively encouraged to participate in the consultation process as management believes it is an opportunity to add value when making WHS decisions and is essential to meet its commitment and achievement of objectives.