All Trades Group is an integrated Building Trades and Maintenance services provider, delivering diverse capabilities across all building trades. The company is based on a one-stop shop model where clients have all their project and maintenance requirements delivered through a single point of contact providing a total facility management solution to the education, commercial and industrial sectors. Integrated trades and maintenance services are customised according to individual clients’ needs, with all services provided within the one fully Integrated Management System (IMS) certified to ISO 14001:2004.

a. This policy confirms management’s commitment to conducting business operations in an environmentally responsible, sustainable and restorative manner;
b. The policy defines a framework for managing the environmental aspects of All Trades Group activities, products, and services; for setting/reviewing objectives and targets; and for continual improvement of the companies environmental performance;
c. The implementation of this Policy shall assist in ensuring work site environmental management is implemented by our Workers, contractors and others.

All Trades Group will conduct its business operations in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner by:
a. Identifying environmental aspects of company activities, products and services within the defined scope of its IMS Manual;
b. Determine and document aspects that have significant impact(s) on the environment (i.e. significant environmental aspects), while ensuring that the significant environmental aspects are taken into account during its operations and adequate controls are in place;
a. Meet all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements by complying with Federal and State/Territory environmental legislation;
b. Continually improve company’s work processes to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by pursuing the best environmental practices in conserving and enhancing its use of resources so that ecological processes are maintained, and that the total quality of life, now and in the future can be increased;
c. Work with Staff, Suppliers, Subcontractors, and other interested parties to encourage the reduction of environmental impacts of the Company’s business;
d. Ensure that all Employees and Subcontractors are fully aware and compliant with their environmental responsibilities and obligations required by legislation and the contracts;
e. Carry out regular inspections, enforcing rules and implementing disciplinary procedures where necessary and continually review performance of the waste management and minimisation programme;
f. Advise the relevant authorities of any unsafe act or occurrence immediately and assisting to take preventative measures to ensure the safety of the environment until such relevant authorities arrive.

All Trades Group is committed to continually improving its environmental performance through implementation of the following practices:
All Trades Group is committed to continually improving its environmental performance through implementation of the following practices:
a. Ensure the Environmental Policy is documented, implemented, maintained, and communicated to all employees and relevant suppliers and contractors, and is publicly available;
b. As part of continual improvement of its operations the company shall establish measurable environmental objectives and targets, and will measure and review performance against these objectives and targets, which will also be publically available;
c. Allocate roles and responsibilities to all levels of the organisation and provide guidance and set clear and precise procedures to attain and maintain the Company’s goals;
d. Engaging with and working with clients and stakeholders to continually improve environmental performance and prevent pollution; seeking feedback and input on environmental issues relevant to the company;
e. Continual research, trial and use of environmentally friendly equipment and products; outcomes of which will be communicated to all employees enhancing environmental awareness and forming on-going training programmes;
f. The success of the Company’s IMS (comprising of EMS) shall be assured by management and their total commitment to complete implementation within the Company in accordance with NSW Government Construction Environmental Management System Guidelines.